Saturday, August 3, 2013

Video Of The Week: SuperHeavy

Supergroup? Check.
Summer vibes? Check (through reggae).
Unbelievable voice? Check (via Joss Stone).
Big-name presence? Check on all counts.
Worthwhile lyrics? Check, though perhaps less on this party vibe than the rest of the album.

In any event, SuperHeavy is a hell of a musical endeavour, a mix of British and Jamaican star power comprised of the afore-mentioned Stone coupled with Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Eurythmic's Dave Stewart and Indian composer A.R. Rahman.

Mostly reggae-tinged thanks to Marley (and the backing band including his usual bass player and drummer) as well as Stewart who now resides in Jamaica, there's a lot of Indian references which blend in so well they might as well be in every reggae song ever recorded, and a pretty potent latent rock feel above the whole thing.

Of course, this being a video - and Jagger being Jagger - the chief Rolling Stone manages to convince everyone it's an awesome idea to have him dress in bright pink and do the sideways-hyperactive dance in a doorway for half of it, then proceed to walk down the street meeting all of his bandmates, à la Waiting On A Friend...

Still, strong summer vibes on this song, and a nicely put political messages throughout the album in general. With an output this strong couples with the (Stones') recent Doom And Gloom, one might be tempted to forgive Jagger's entire 1980s releases (music and film) and put the definitive stamp of 'Best Lead Singer Ever' on his face, to go with the 'Best Rock Band Ever' one on Keith Richards' ass.

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i really enjoyed this !