Friday, August 16, 2013

Video Of The Week: Callaghan

This week's entry comes from London, originally, but has since moved to the U.S. (Atlanta, to be exact), where she recorded her debut LP, produced by Shawn Mullins, whom you may recall from his 1998 smash-hit Lullaby.

So, yeah, Callaghan dabbles in Americana-inspired folk. Unfortunately - in my opinion - her talent is best served live, or at least Mullins hasn't been able to capture her raw essence in the studio the first time around. But the rules I set forth for this series is about ''official'' videos, therefore this ''life on tour'' clip makes the cut and her live audience-filmed YouTube clips don't.

But if one director were to combine her natural live charms (and keep the music from that version in the clip), with background scenes interspersed throughout, it'd be a sure-fire winner, and perhaps a better introduction to her talent.

She could easily have the kind of breakthrough Jewel had in the 1990s; I just think she just needs to take some of the polishing out her her tunes the next time she enters the studio.

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