Monday, September 25, 2017

Video Of The Week: Lou Canon

Lou Canon (whose government name is Leanne Greyerbiehl) is a Canadian former elementary school teacher and current sister-in-law to songwriter extraordinaire Hayden; it was he who encouraged her to pursue music as more than a pastime, offering his home studio as the venue to record her self-titled 2011 debut album, which he also released on his own Hardwood Records. She also appears on his 2013 release Us Alone.

She released her sophomore effort last April, titled Suspicious, and she releases the second video for it today, called Fever, directed by Sammy Rawal and Vanessa Heins with cinematography by Vancouver-based image-shaper Carl Elster:

Oh, perhaps I should have mentioned that the video succeeds in making wallpaper, milk and skinny white women seem creepy.

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